Some thoughts on Fountain International

Some thoughts in the small hours after a good dinner.

Colin Bloy


 Suzanne Thomas 

Someone said, the other night, …”Where has Fountain got to; where is Fountain going?”  And, of course, to ask oneself such questions occasionally can be useful.

As to where it has got to, it is certainly with a great sense of wonder that one sees it very existence today, with the extraordinary enthusiasm and extent of its activities around the world.

I certainly feel many people have learned much from their association with Fountain; equally some people have been disappointed in that it has not developed into a form of spiritual social club, or a didactic authoritarian organisation in which they could find shelter or a crutch.  For a true Fountain activist is evolved and self sufficient. 

I don’t believe it can be any of those things if it is to be useful in the evolving consciousness of the planet.  A vestigial structure is only necessary in order to permit the communication of sharing. 

For the rest, it is about doing and being – that’s why the notion of membership is so vague.  One is a member because one feels oneself to be, not because one has signed a paper or been whipped in. 

If anything, it should be the purest possible form of spiritual anarchism – that is to say, a group of people who knowing and voluntarily come together because of their shared insights into the universal truths, one aspect of which is the essential nature of pure love; if we do not embrace it, we cannot be whole.  Pure love is the only energy and the only taskmaster – thus each person contributes what he or she knows is right and best for them.

 That is not to say that there is no controversy, no mutual learning, comparing and subsequent development, but that new explorations of truth are part of the shared and joyous experience, for all the occasional pitfalls. 

There is, of course, the technical side, the growing understanding of the rule of form and number in the pathways and functions of collective consciousness, and how can this be applied to communities, nations and the planet itself?  When individual ego consciousness returns in pure voluntary love to the whole, then this planet will speedily resolve its problems.  The understanding of what needs to be done is there, and once we have achieved it, we will be able to contemplate Gaia’s wider cosmic identity as the receptacle of consciousness in this part of the universe.

 I’m beginning to believe that it is really possible! 

So writes Colin Bloy, back in 1988.  But the question, “Where has Fountain got to and where is it going?” seems relevant again today.  Fountain has been through a hermit period.  It’s committed members have continued to work with the Fountain Concept of community healing, alone.  (Once the Fountain Concept is in the heart, it is difficult to let go, as it is such a beautiful, easy idea, that is open to all.)  In the recent past, there was a  static Fountain website, ( that acted as a library for Fountain International, plus an occasional newsletter.  In these difficult times, we need to rebuild, and link up again with the spiritual network, and play our part.  I have always felt that the Fountain International Concept, is so needed in these days of change, so simple, and so accessible to all.

 Three years down the line, we have two annual Conferences in Essex and Devon, and there are two new websites for Fountain International , and Fountain International Magazine. 

I was Co ordinator for Fountain International back in the 1990’s, unlike Arnie, I didn’t think that I would be back, but here I am, busy poking the fire embers under the phoenix, to awaken it into flight and action.  Over the last three years, I have successfully organised the Fountain Conferences in Torquay.  The next Conference will be 21st/22nd April 2012 in Torquay,  the line up will include David Wells, astrologer to the Daily Mirror/Most Haunted TV, and Paul Broadhurst, (of Sun & Serpent book fame, co written with Hamish Miller, and a classic earth energy book.)

One of the aims for the new websites is to make Fountain International more interactive for “Fountaineers”, through both websites.  I am mainly responsible for the magazine website.  The magazine will include swapping information about people’s experiences with the Concept, dowsing, earth energies,etc.  Plus an interaction with other like minded groups.  Looking forward to hearing from you, with any submissions that you wish to make.  Also in time, we will have a presence on Facebook.

 I feel very excited about the re awakening of Fountain International, and the magazine website.  Energised by the thought of doing at least a weekly blog, and I hope that you feel inspired to come with me on this journey of discovery, and begin to build the world in which we wish to live.  The only thing required, to be the change you want to see, is the desire to do it.  I would like to see a coming together, of people and groups to form a network, which is vibrant and full of enthusiasm, in understanding and pure love. 

Take a look at the Fountain International Magazine website, and if you feel drawn to the Fountain Concept, have any questions, or information that you would like to share, etc, please get in touch with me by e mail 

I believe this is possible, if we work together.

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