Request for help

Hello Fellow Human Beings
I am sending this to you today to enlist your help. We find ourselves in uncharted
waters, and it’s time for everyone to come together, and work as one. All childish
things need to be put away, including ego’s.
There is a lot of “work” to be done, so let’s get started.
Who am I to make this call. My name is Suzanne Thomas, producer of the Fountain
International Magazine, ( ), and
keeper of the Fountain International archive. You can find out all about Fountain
International from the above website. If you read the Fountain Ethos you will know
where I am coming from. My vision is that as many spiritual groups, healers and
people who want to be involved get together remotely to, meditate, pray or send a
thought of Pure Love, Light and Healing around the world at 7pm daily. We need to
band together as a spiritual network and wonderful things can happen.
Fountain does not have a membership subscription, so we are just looking for people
to do the “work” and participate. You need not contact us, but it would be lovely to
hear from groups and single people alike. If we can be in communication, we can be
more cohesive and make the network stronger.
How do we know that this will work? We performed the Brighton Experiment in
1981, details in the Introduction to Fountain, (on the books page of the website.)
Proving that such work has an effect on the Earth’s energetic system to improve a
situation. We did a Re-enactment of the Brighton Experiment on 21
st March 2020.
Again, details are on the website, with the dowsing report of the effects on the
Newsletter page. I have seen many times that human thought and action can bring
about an improvement in a situation. So, I have no doubt if we all come together this
will work. But I can’t do this on my own.
Absolutely anyone can be involved, no matter what, and build a better future.
I would be truly grateful, if you could send this plea to all contacts, and especially to
all the healers and spiritual groups that you know. Put it on the internet in its various
guises and languages. Make it go viral, to counteract the virus.
In advance I give you my Pure Love for any help and consideration.
Suzanne Thomas