Origins of Fountain


The scene is a rather sombre and windowless space of a great university lecture hall, but there is nothing sombre about the gathering. The gentle strains of Mike Rowland’s “The Fairy Ring” produce an atmosphere a little different from that usually encountered in this hall at Sussex University. The subject-matter of the talk is different too. We are introduced to such ideas as Qabala and Sacred Geometry, while the magic word ‘dowsing’ is much in evidence. Through all this enchantment and stimulation there perambulates, sometimes on the distant platform and sometimes among the recreating audience, a figure which is in one way stately and a trifle austere and yet, in another seems to invite the exchange of badinage as well as the engrossing interchange of ideas. To me, shy and retiring, this august personage was to remain for a while on the far horizon. Yet I sensed, even from a distance, the warmth and friendliness that was to become apparent. Such is my first memory of Colin Bloy, whose researches has resulted in the birth of Fountain International. A friend and I were attending our first Fountain Conference – the year, 1984; the season, Michaelmas

On the evening of the Friday we had, in addition to wine and nibbles, feasted on the mind-boggling tenets of the power of human thought and the energy networks – to us totally unfamiliar and presented in dramatic form by the great Michael Bentine. By the Saturday we were already enthralled by the whole concept, as also by the much needed assurance that we had at last found a way of influencing for the good the increasingly disturbed and disturbing world in which we were living. Thereafter, we were to become dedicated to the Fountain concept and all that is implies.

Chapter I – 1975

Colin relates that he learned to dowse from a friend who stuck two severed halves of wire coat-hanger in his hands and showed him how to locate his water mains and other public utilities, such as electric cables, gas pipes and drainage. When this friend moved to Suffolk, they extended their research to fossils. This was in 1968. Several years went by without any startling developments. However, predictably enough, Colin ‘happened upon’ two relevant books, almost certainly the two most important works in this context. These are; Alfred Watkins’ “The Old Straight Track” and Guy Underwood’s “The Patterns of the Past”. Both authors remain extremely significant – Watkins because of his vision of the straight alignments of ancient sites and Underwood for his meticulous research into the underground water systems associated with the siting and lay-out of such sites. Inspired by the work of both men, a team consisting of Colin and David Bloy (Colin’s brother), two interested friends and, in Colin’s words, “a covey of assorted and bewildered children”, undertook their first dowsing expedition in search of confirmation of Underwood’s claims. Their target was Wolstenbury Hill, on the Sussex Downs, where they had noticed form afar a strange plateau, about the size of a football field, which seemed to have been hollowed out of the hill. It was marked on the map as a chalk pit, but Colin sensed that it had some deeper significance. To start with there was a long barrow at the site. This, when dowsed, revealed the spiral energy indicated by Guy Underwood. On the hill above is located one of the ancient sited dubbed by the archeologists as ‘hill-fort’.

The dowsing of the site proved spectacular. They found more energy spirals at the foot of the hill, traced and aquastat (Guy Underwood’s term indicating an underground stream) and further spirals near the hill-face. Further curved lines were dowsed within the ‘camp’ above and an apparently straight line heading off towards the Clayton Windmills on the adjacent hill. They were pleased to have found confirmation of Underwood’s theories, as well as a link with Watkins. The straight lines (designated hereafter as ‘ley energy lines’) were not at this time foremost in their minds. To quote Colin’s own words;

“Later I pondered on the straight line, how far it went and wondered. Remembering a particular tree, on the lower lip of the hill, that appeared to be in line as a marker, next time I passed along the road I looked in the other direction and saw a church not visible from the top, Newtimber Church. It was one of the moments in life when one finds oneself on the brink of something. The following day I decided, as I drove to the office, to take one rod with me and attempt to dowse the potential line from a moving car. It worked!”

Car-dowsing was an important discovery since it enabled the researcher to cover wider areas without undue walking, although a good deal of this is still necessary. Throughout all their earlier experiments to prove Guy Underwood’s conclusions, Colin had been sure that there was some deep underlying factor to be discovered. The first clues were found in Sussex, at Newtimber and Alfriston, a cruciform church on a circular, pre-Christian mound, led Colin to discover and walk his first line of ‘ley-alignment’. The dowsing of many sites, Christian and pre-Christian, now became a regular leisure activity, each occasion adding to a growing body of experience. Recurrent patterns, many of them various forms of the spiral, together with the multiple dowsable lines converging on churches, were building an impressive collection of evidence for the reality of the phenomenon. Ever aware of the hazards of self-delusion and prejudice, Colin bore in mind the words of Guy Underwood;

” Auto-suggestion is his (the dowser’s) enemy, and preconceived ideas may blind him to important facts when these seem impossible, or produce some chance and unrepresentative results.”

The mystery underlying all the ancient sacred sites is;

“Do the lines and patterns exist because of the design or location of the site, or is the site sacred because of the telluric forces underlying it?”

These considerations were soon to be supplanted by a major discovery at St. Mary’s, Shipley, in West Sussex, known to have been a Templar preceptory (i.e. a training centre for novices to the Order). Several visits to this site began to reveal that the surrounding area contained unusual dowsable patterns and configurations. More and more of these appeared to cover several acres around the church. It soon became obvious that they had come upon something very complex and more deliberate than the patterns found at other sites. To quote Colin;

“Eventually, with assistance, I was to ‘uncover’ more than 600 symbols centred around Shipley Church; symbols, not the chance movement of underground water; symbols which, though possible employing the same force, had communications as their object.”

Shipley was, in a way, the turning point in the story, for it seemd to show the definite involvement of human consciousness in these strange affairs. Further confirmation of this was to follow soon after, with the awe-inspiring unearthing of the Grail crystal in Andorra. As the full story of the Andorra Grail is contained in Colin’s booklet “Dowsing Ley-Energies and the Search for the Grail”, I shall not repeat it here. It is enough to say here that the results of dowsing both the altar stone in the little church at Arinsal and the mysterious, translucent, crystalline cross found in the cave led Colin and his associates to the conclusion that Elohimic intelligence is behind (or within) the ley-system. Within a few years this realisation bore fruit, albeit indirectly, in the network of community healing, now known as Fountain International.

Chapter II – 1976/77

Back in England, Colin continued his researches and thereafter, since his business interests took him abroad, wherever he went he made a point of dowsing any site which seemd especially significant. It was soon evident that the ‘system’ was world-wide. Gradually, he followed link-ups with the Mosques in Bahrein and found a huge necropolis near the village of Ali which appeared to be of immense importance in the system. A subsequent visit to Egypt revealed suprisingly that the pyramids of Giza showed miuse of the energy there. Since by this time he was habitually applying healing to such sites, he performed this task around the Great Pyramid and also the Sphinx. Rome too, when he visited it in 1977, held surprises. Having found 49-bar lines converging on sites such as the Great Pyramid, he expected something of the sort at St. Peter’s, but not so. This was another site in need of healing. Reflecting on his experiences up to this time, Colin wrote;

“Was it all part of some delusion? Was my apparent dowsing ability a wish fulfilment? Was it being manifested in some fantasy on a world-wide scale? If the ley-system were a fantasy, then it was shared by various people, some of whom had even committed themselves in print. On an empirical basis, I was prepared to be satisfied that the system had been proven. Incidents flowed through the memory and I became disposed once again to the view that I was dealing with something real.”

Research in England provided evidence that the seveteenth century architects who led the classical revival were aware of the ley-system and its workings. A visit to Blenheim, the work of Vanburgh, proved enlightening. There was obviously a link with the Masonic and Rosicrucian brotherhoods which was apparent throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and even up to the time of Pugin and his colleague, Charles Barry, in the nineteenth century. Not surprisingly, Bladon Church, were Winston Churchill was buried, is on a line with the main axis of Blenheim, running through the Column of Victory, the Great Hall, the Saloon, and the main avenue to the Palace. Following this visit to Winston Churchill’s birthplace, Colin determined on a look to Chartwell. Here he found, as at Blenheim, that in addition, to other patterns a 49-bar line was dowsable, linking specific focal points in the grounds, such as the Round Pound and the rose garden. To quote Colin;

“On leaving Chartwell I was pondering the fact that it was not only on a 49-bar line but had a secondary 49-bar system as well, and I reflected that Churchill had been born on a focal point of the system in England and had lived a major part of his life on a similar line.”

When Colin related his thoughts to his brother David, the latter reminded him of a 49-bar line from Westminster Abbey which did not go to Downing Street. “I think I might know where it might go,”was Colin’s reply, “the Admiralty Block-house where Churchill had his room deep below.” This was confirmed when the was able to check some weeks later. Like Colin, we can only speculate on the probabilities indicated by all this. As he points out, Churchill could have been aware, and working deliberately in a way similar to our Fountain work. This would explain a number of fortuitous happenings during the period. Churchill was a Mason with the United Studholme Lodge. He employed Dennis Wheatley and Walter J. Stein as his advisers during the war. Map dowsers were used by the Admiralty with his approval. And he forbade any reference at the Nuremberg trials to the occult activities of Hitler and his Nazi ‘inner circle’. Churchill was also an intimate friend of Wellesly Tudor Pole, whose suggestion of the Big Ben Silent Minute also played a key role in our deliverance.

In May 1977, not long after the visit to Chartwell, a new momentous turning point was reached. At the time, Colin thought it as merely new and interesting data. He had checked St. Peter’s, the parish church of his home town, Brighton, and found that apparently it was not in the ‘system’. Could it have been interfered with? The architect, Sir Charles Barry, had certainly had the required esoteric knowledge to position the church correctly. Dowsing for the answer to this, his hunch was confirmed, and with the necessary invocation the usual pattern of lines appeared. The southern line went stright to the Octagonal Room in the Royal Pavilion and from there to the old neo-classical Town Hall. Northwards, this line was subsequently found to go towards Wolstenbury and London. As Colin wrote in his notes, “It appeared to have opened up an entirely new circuit of indefinite distance.” At the time it was the southernmost route that interested him. As it went from St. Peter’s towards the sea, it ran through a series of gardens in a sort of ‘avenue’ culminating in the circular area with the fountain known as Old Steine. The name refers to the ancient stones still incoporated in the base of this fountain, thought to be an ancient site. The relevance of this was to emerge later. Checking out the area, it was found that a number of nearby artifacts such as the obelisks, the domed war memorial and an adjacent pool, linked with the Old Steine fountain. In a a nearby are, labelled “It is forbidden to enter this area”, a nocturnal dowse confirmed that a tree circle and the other fountain in its sunken octagonal pool were also in the system, the whole of which was part of a 49-bar line.

Linked to Lewes, at a slightly different angle, a line runs through Hamsey, an ancient church on the banks of the Ouse and on across Sussex to High Rocks, a Mesolithic site near Tunbridge Wells, via the churches of Newick and Maresfield. These interesting discoveries posed a number of questions. Firstly, who ‘installed’ Brighton’s elaborate ley-system? Secondly, who had ‘turned off’ the power, which Colin and David had now restored? The third question is obvious. “What purpose is served by switching it on again?” Subsequent events concerned with the founding of Fountain International have supplied an answer to this last question. Or, at least, we have found our own reason for keeping the system ‘in repair’, as it were. Considerable thought on Colin’s part resulted in this answer – an asnwer which seemed to fit and which indeed proved to be an important and far reaching conclusion. Colin’s own words are necessary here;

“The Earth, as Mind, is controlled by lines of force, its nervous system. The Manichean struggle is carried out on earth through the operation of that system. It depends on telluric, celestial and spiritual node points. Informed people on earth can create focal points through working to increase the lines. Subliminal influences can also inspire people to do certain things at certain places. Knowledgeable people with good or bad intent can manipulate the system.”

He also sees the multiple-line pattern on important sites (at that time, 49-bar lines) as Messianic in nature, carrying out the Divine Plan. Much more was to evolve from this in subsequent years, including increases in the numerical ratios, as will be seen later.

Chapter III

Jerusalem was the next place Colin was able to visit, just 24 hours, but vital. He wanted particularly to check a Druidic reference to a line running from Tehran through Babylon and Jerusalem to the Pyramids of Giza. He had found it at Giza and had discovered a 49-bar on the square pool in front of the large Mosque in the Bazaar at Tehran. Would he find it in Jerusalem as well? The many attempts throughout history to seize Jerusalem might well have something to do with the Rock of Abraham, a possible ‘power centre’. Adjacent to this and to the site of Solomon’s Temple is the famous Golden Gate, now sealed until the entry of the Messiah. This Gate is a seventh century Byzantine structure on the site of an earlier one. Checking, Colin found no energy there, but subsequent ‘restoration work’ on a 49-bar line near the El-Aksa Mosque produced a similar line on the Golden gate. Another was discovered at the Rockefeller Museum. Strangely, having completed a circuit of the city, Colin found that the El-Aksa line had gone. As if accidently, on the way to his hotel he found the the new Golden Gate line now ran through the little octagonal church, the Dome of the Ascension, and another with a tall tower behind it. Later, reading hte account of Jesus’ Ascension in “Acts of the Apostles”, he realised with awe that a line running from the place of the Ascension on the Mount of Olives had entered the Golden Gate, ‘opening’ it so to speak.

Not surprisingly, Colin left Jerusalem in thoughtful mood. Had he come across some fundamental truth which he only half understood? There was a strong feeling of being led along a specific path, and, of course, with hindsight this seems obvious to us. It is salutary to remember that the Rock of Abraham, now inside the great Mosque and once the sanctuary of the first and second Jewish Temples, is central to the mystical dramas of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Jerusalem seemed to be another turning point in the story for another reason. Colin had found that a 49-bar line connected the Shrine of the Book, where the Dead Sea Scrolls are housed, to the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament. Thus another important precedent was presented, namely, the integrations of what might be called ‘secular’ sites into the system, another step in the evolution of this research.

Continuing research confirmed abroad what Colin had found at home. Places such as Lourdes, Tuscany, Barcelona, Rennes-le-Chateau, Washington DC and Mexico City and its pyramids yielded similar results.

Chapter IV – 1978

It is clear now that everything that happened so far was leading in a definite and specific direction. The aspect of the Energy contacted through the Arinsal crystal has identified itself as ‘the Elohim’, that aspect of the Divinity which is concerned with Spirit manifesting as ‘Form’ (in our terms ‘Matter’). From messages beginning in 1976, some significant event was destined to occur on Good Friday 1978. As the time approached, the group which had shared a number of Colin’s experiences was much concerned with the mysterious forthcoming event. The main theme of the information received seemed to be two-fold: first, that a major change was imminent, and second, that it was necessary to bring the Arinsal Grail to Glastonbury on the date specified. It was also indicated that the ‘Energy’ would thereafter be connected not through the Elohimic channel, but through another, relevant to the 8-fold rhythm. The new channel would be known as Chloe. One of the group who received messages through her pen reported that at the time of reception the bio-rhythm of the Earth was based on the number 7 (hence the relevance of the 49-bar lines). In order to raise human consciousness a step further, this had to be increased to an 8 factor.

Today we have at our disposal the discoveries of post-Einstein physics, and both astrophysics and sub-atomic physics present us with evidence that our every thought influences the whole quantum field. In Francis Thompson’s phrase, “Turn but a stone and start a wing”. Of course the mystics of all traditions have understood this. However, in 1978, the physical reality of what was talked of as the ‘unified field’ was still a hotly debated concept. It is important to remember this in order to give due credit to those who were about to ‘stand in’ for the whole of mankind, and indeed for the whole of creation at a time of crucial importance.

Instructions we received as to the ‘activating’ of the Arinsal grail. A great emphasis was laid upon its being crystalline. It was also made clear that the change to the 8-factor would affect the ley-system. Specifically, Colin was told to perform a simple ritual, consisting of blessing, at a special time, the four points of the compass. “When you raise the Stone you will project a great arc across the sky, sealing that point, as it were. But you will spend more time sealing the north. That is critical”.

Colin discussed this with Michael Bentine who had been involved throughout. Their conclusions were that the symbolism of the Grail Legend shed a light on all that was happening. They had learned to ‘draw Excalibur out of the stone’ in learning how to use the weapon of Light as a purely psychic weapon. The ‘killing of the dragon’ associated with the Grail Knights (as well as the ‘dragon saints’, Michael, George, Margaret, and Andrew) is the representation of directing the energy into specific channels. It involves the understanding and manipulation of the ley-energy for the good of the whole, the Healing of the Waste Land in Grail Legend terms. Arthur, of course, is an aspect of the solar archetype, whom William Blake called ‘Albion’. Bligh Bond was another mystic who saw Britain as particularly relevant in this context.

This has nothing to do with nationalism. It is the recognition of a claim that the Celtic Druids were Pythagorean and Essene in nature, an assertion that Colin had on good authority, namely, the Archdruid of France. Avalon had been a Druidic site as well as a much more ancient one, and the story of Joseph of Arimathea bringing Jesus to the Mendips must have some deep significance. It is interesting to note that the village of Priddy, 800 feet up on the Mendips and with its four henge monuments and numerous barrows, also has a tradition of a visit by Joseph and Jesus. This would suggest that they would have landed somewhere near Weston-super-Mare, as the traders did, and would have travelled along the Mendips to Priddy and from there, turning south, would have descended into the Vale of Avalon and so to the holy hill of Glastonbury.

On Good Friday 1978 the group collected at Wells, paid a visit to the cathedral and then proceeded to Glastonbury. Here they went first to the Chalice Well, where they drank the well water and washed the crystal, after which no one touched it but Colin. Trying to make contact through Elohimic channels, he got no response. He then realised that he was getting the Chloe symbol. The changed had happened already. A visit to the Tor in a howling gale sent them down quickly to the town again. They made several circuits of the Abbey walls and found that the huge energy field was changing with every circuit! The very act of focusing upon that place was already effecting change. The time arrived – 5.20 p.m. B.S.T. They mad their way to Galilee in the abbey precincts and formed a circle. Briefly Colin stated their purpose and Michael Bentine said a prayer to St. Michael and his Angels, asking their blessing on the endeavour. The he and Colin went forward to Arthur’s tomb, the latter visualising a beam of white light sweeping the area. The others joined them in silence and Colin followed the instructions given, sprinkling the four corners of the tomb with Lourdes water and performing the simple ritual with the crystal. He then placed the stone on the tomb and silently made his own invocation and visualisation. And that was that!

After a few more minutes they left, one of them pointing out a white dove perched above them on the arch. It had been there throughout, she said, and they remembered that in the Grail legend, at the Good Friday celebrations, a white dove was said to have alighted on the Grail. After this, as may have been expected, they felt rather as if in a void. Back in Wells, the Market Cross which had been on a 7-bar line now had an 8 instead of a 7 and the 49-ers now became 64-bar lines.

If they were correct in assuming that such changes represented a stepping up of human consciousness, this had been a necessary and successful operation. What it would mean in practical terms remained to be seen.

Chapter V

The idea of applying healing to communities was one that evolved from all that has been described so far. If one could restore the ley-energy system to health and wholeness, it would seem a natural progression to link this to the communities it served. However, this was a concept which was slow to surface. In May 1981, Colin was discussing his own observations on the nature and fucntion of the ley-energy system with a friend from Washington. Eric Bosshard had himself dowsed the system in many countries and had been one of the group at Glastonbury. Everything that they learned proved that the energy channels were related to consciousness and that ‘spiritual’ activity (in the sense of input from higher states of consciousness, associated with meditation) would change the intensity of the energy flow, at least for a while. These ‘pathways of consciousness’ as we now understand them, function in terms of form and number. They can be checked by dowsing the number of parallels in a ‘line’ and the geometrical form that occurs when a node point is reached and the energy goes into function.

Those involved over the years began to realise that the system is in fact linked to the collective consciousness of humanity. In the light of recent discoveries in quantum physics, we could amend that to the ‘collective consciousness of the cosmos’. Physics call it the quantum field. The pathways may be thought of as ‘meridians’ and the node points as ‘acupuncture points’. Equally important is the observation made through dowsing that anyone who puts him/herself into the meditative mode (the alpha brain rhythm) ‘plugs in’ to the nearest node and the nearest available form to a cross of energy forms upon that person. This is in fact the healing mode.

All manner of relevant side-tracks had appeared over the years. Steiner’s “Spiritual Science” and Nicolas Tesla’s work increase our understanding of the whole process. Tesla worked on the frequencies, proving that the frequency of the human brain in a relaxed and meditative state relates closely to that of the physical earth at around 8 Hertz. Schumann’s theory of the resonance cavity also links to the frequency of the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. The fact that the healer in action forms an etheric field with the person receiving the healing is not surprising, taking into account their research and today’s quantum physics. Colin describes the healer/patient link thus, “All chakras and vital energies disappear from behind each to combine in one field – in proximity or at a distance.”

These last few words are the key that was to follow – the understanding that group healing was a possibility and absent healing quite effective. Colin and his associates had also come to realise that visualisation was the key to this exercise and that active meditation of this type is much more effective than passive meditation. You could monitor both the input and the results by dowsing. Assuming as they did (and do) that if the collective consciousness is expressed through the energy network, then communities are entities which suffer from collective diseases such as violence, stress and unloving attitudes, racialism and son on – and as such could be healed in the same way as individuals.

These were the conclusions reached by May 1981. The known healers in the Brighton area were therefore invited to participate in an experiment. More than 100 people volunteered. Fr. James Holroyd, Vicar of St. Bartholomew’s, and closely involved with all this, suggested St. Michael’s day, September 29th would be an auspicious day on which to start, St. Michael being the ‘dragon saint’ par excellence! The dragon is the Celtic ‘wouivre’, the spiralling earthworks, altars and baptismal fonts. When, with the ‘sword’ or ‘spear’ of evolved coscious intent, it is channelled to the focal point of the community, it creates balance and harmony between humankind and the Earth. The focal point might be thought of as an acupuncture needle and its siting is a place that is the focus of the community consciousness. In Brighton the choice was obvious the fountain in the Old Steine. Apart from its being an ancient site, possible a stone circle, it is the physical hub of Brighton and is on the main energy-line.

A further proof of the power of thought emerged at this moment. The energy line on the fountain had been a triple 64, about 20 yards wide. From the time the group focused on the idea the line began to expand. The group decided that the first obvious ‘dis-ease’ which needed to be tackled was the problem of Bank Holiday violence. From the very beginning they monitored results. The main ‘line’ multiplied by 2,400 and the chequer-board appeared. This consisted of alternate square full and empty of energy, each square initially about 2 foot square, giving the chequerboard effect when dowsed. This was discovered to be the basic grid pattern which always appears when healers are channelling energy.

The results were dramatic. Bank Holiday violence ceased and a local newspaper headline read: “Rockers Go Home – Brighton Too Boring!”. Some subsequent Fountain groups were to monitor similarly outstanding results, and still do. Others are content to note the obvious improvements in their community without feeling the need to monitor the energy field by dowsing. Just as a healer working on a one-to-one basis shifts the brain rhythm of the patient, so community healing shifts the collective consciousness. Over the years since 1981 there have been many changes both in the chequer-board field and in the geometrical patterns at nodes. News of these changes for those interested in the dowsing aspect was passed on through the magazine and various leaflets and in talks and workshops. They have been too numerous and complex to give details here. The point to remember about the patterns is that they do exist and that they are not merely symbols but are functional ‘energy circuits. From the individual and the non-dowsing point of view, the great attraction of Fountain work is that everyone feels useful. Caring people who formerly felt powerless to transform the problems and suffering around them now knew for the first time that a few minutes a day of dedicated and focused thought makes a difference to the community and to the world

Chapter VI

Gradually an understanding of the working of these subtle energies was developing. Dan Wilson, contributing to this, gave it as his view, that the energies were as interaction between:- Present thought

Past thought
Terrestial record or memory,
and Cosmic record

In other words, a mixture of cosmic and telluric forces, plus human consciousness, past and present. I don’t think that we have bettered this overall view, and most Fountain workers are content just to know that our interaction with these energies is effective. Increasingly, those who may be called professional healers were attracted to the Fountain network, though we need always to remember that everyone practicing the Fountain concept is a healer in a very real and practical sense.

With the installment of an office in Lelant, Cornwall, through the kindness of Paul Hawkins who lent us office space and under the full-time care of Sheila and Trevor Nevins, communication within the network became possible and fruitful. It is rewarding to read through early issues of the magazine and to recall the many friends who became dedicated Fountain workers in established groups. I started at this point to record the names of such peoples and groups, but to do so would be invidious as there are so many – many indeed known only to the Coordinator and all of inestimable value to the great work of healing our communities and our planet.

There are times when we make a point of identifying ourselves with world wide campaigns. Regular link-ups take place at various times and seasons, such as December and the New Year. Some of these qualify as high spots in the memory, not only because of the sense of unity, but even more for their obvious beneficial effects – such as the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Inspired by the Mayan prophecies, the World Federation for Peace sent out a call for 144,000 people to link at sunrise on August 16th at sacred sites around the world. The purpose was to unite at the Earth’s “acupuncture points to create a resonating link between Universal Energies and the Earth”. It proved to have far reaching results. Intuitively we felt that it sparked off a huge change in human collective consciousness which is still affecting the world today.

Another area of research at around that time introduced a further important element in our understanding of the subtle energies. While working on the famous St. Michael Line which runs from southern Cornwall up to the Norfolk coast, Paul Broadhurst and Hamish Miller discovered a hitherto unsuspected anomaly, which they subsequently described in their fascinating book, “The Sun and the Serpent”. They discovered by painstaking and meticulous dowsing over several years that the alignment meets with and is entwined by two serpentine energy flows (the Caduceus, symbol of healing) which may be of as masculine and feminine energies respectively. This opened up a whole new area of research into the subtle energies which is still proceeding today.

A further extension of Fountain community healing took place in September 1987, when Spanish Radio Cadena Espanola to the unprecedented step of sending healing by radio. This of course was an enterprise instigated by Colin and achieved through his well-established contacts in Spain. The time chosen was midnight (Spain’s peak listening hour!). The programme’s presenters were Miguel Blanco and the writer, Enrique de Vicente. During the hour long programme listeners were given a short talk by Colin on healing in general and this was followed by a healing session in the studio and a world wide phone-in, to contact and send healing as far away as Australia. There was also a time for questions.

Conference 1987 brought news of energy pattern changes dowsed since the Harmonic Convergence. Colin announced that the 8-factor had changed to 10. However, after the closing meditation of the Conference, the dowsers did a quick check, to find that the 10 had now become a 12. Jacques Derrieu at the French conference, which was in session the same week-end as ours, was predicting this change. Checks later in Spain, Athens and the island of Hydra seemed to confirm that the change was general. At the workshop on Hydra, tests were made on the human chakra system which showed five more chakras above the Crown chakra. Colin reported all this in the December magazine (No.18) and also stated that the concentric circles formerly dowsable on a functioning healer had now increased to 12.

Chapter VII

The magazine of Spring 1988 (No.19) saw Colin recording “some thoughts in the small hours, after a good dinner!”. In an attempt to answer the question, “Where has Fountain got to, and where is it going?” he pointed out that it is not a didactic authoritarian organisation in which to shelter or find a crutch, nor is it a spiritual social club. It is about doing and being, “a group of people who knowingly and voluntarily come together because of their shared insights into the universal truths, one aspect of which is the essential nature of pure love”. As to the technical aspect of the work, he reminds of “the growing understanding of the rule of form and number in the pathways and functions of the collective consciousness, and how this can be applied to communities, nations and the planet itself”.

From this it can be seen that while individuals and groups function very effectively independently of dowsers, it still remains true that our expert dowsers are an integral part of the network and play an important role in defining the underlying principles through which we function. If it is true that the Divinity manifests through form and number, and this seems to be a valid assumption, then it behoves us to acknowledge those who are aware of this aspect of the subtle energies.

From outside the Fountain network, Colin was getting fierce criticism from certain parties interested in the subtle energies, but approaching the subject from a totally different angle. This was as a result of an article in the magazine describing hi healing of negative line focused on Karl Marx’s tomb in Highgate cemetery. It would be too tedious and unpleasant to retell the whole story here. The crux of th matter was that, to these two critics, the Fountain concept was at best “moonshine” and at worst, a gross infringement of human liberties. I have no doubt that we all learned something in the process (those open-minded enough to do so). Colin’s reply, in short, was that we are concerned with healing and that healing – ‘applied unconditional love’ – can do no harm.

Another of our supporters replied in a letter to the magazine. This was John Haddington, who related his own suspicions and concern about those responsible for the imposition of the negative line. He ended as follows, “The Spring edition…….had some comment on the political implication of these events which I found altogether out of order. The main objective of Fountain groups is……the spiritual healing of the nation, an admirable precept, and one with which I totally agree. Nigel Pennick seemed to think the interference with thelines at Marx’s tomb a plotical act…..he forgets that these lines of force were put there by others and the the undoing of them is returning the tomb to its former state.”

These concepts were constantly to need re-affirming – not only the basic aim of Fountain, community healing, but the ways in which this could be applied. Misconceptions were bound to surface. Some inquirers thought we ran discussion groups. Others thought (and still tend to think) that groups must consist of large numbers of people, or that it is necessary to run workshops or meetings. It is always necessay to assure people that they do not need esoteric knowledge or dowsing expertise to form a group. One has also to stress constantly that a group of just two or three dedicated and focused people can be just as effective as a larger group – in fact more so, if a large group includes those not consciously and intentionally ‘in line’ with the Fountain objective and technique. It often has to be restated that provided each member is faithful to the daily link-up with their local ‘hara’ or focal point it does not matter how infrequent is their physical meeting.

Chapter VIII

As the years go by changes occur in the voluntary personnel performing the administrative tasks of editing the magazine, coordinating the network and looking after its funds. Since there is no membership fee, the funds consist only of magazine subscriptions and donations. Changes often mean a change in style and emphasis reflecting, as they are bound to do, the personalities of the volunteers. However, the initial Fountain concept remains unaltered and the underlying dedication is preserved and handed on unchanged and this will continue to be the case.

Our overseas affilations expand. The 1989 Conference had as its climax the initial link with Kiev. This was the direct result of welcoming our first speaker from Russia, Alexander Neklessa who gave us a a fascinating account of his work in SYNLA. SYNLA, formed in 1967 by a group of like-minded people, is primarily a research organisation, which sees humanity as a single synergetic organism continually adapting to change and now about to undergo a new evolutionary phase. Consequently, the decisions that we make now affect our chances of breaking away from historical patterns. Their work ranges from psychology, trans personal psychology and psychotherapy, and also research into dowsing, healing, eastern mysticism amd western (European) magic. Contact with Alexander led to the first Fountain visit to what was then the Soviet Union. This took place in 1991. Believing that the English St. Michael Line continued somewhere north of Leningrad, Hamish Miller was keen to establish at least some hint of its location. What he did find in the short space of time available was a segment of the Mary Line near the town of Viborg. Both lines were picked up on the road between St. Petersburg and the Finnish border. Further developments are awaited!

Central to our thinking during the last few years have been messages received through our Sudbury group from Hasim, channeled by David Walters. These had a profound influence upon Fountain awareness. With their positive, wise and practical advice, they proved welcome, even to those who were not usually amenable to channeled messages (though there were naturally still some agnostics). The message from the Spirit of the Earth was particularly affecting with its emphasis on the unity of all the Nature kingdoms and upon the value of our ‘input’ for planetary well-being. Of the Fountain work Hasim said, “It is hard to overstate the importance of the network. There is not much else happening at the moment that is more important. It is the safety-net that can catch the next stage of evolution.” He also foretold world wide changes that would be happening “within 20 months rather than 20 years”. As this message was received in 1990, the truth of his words is now self-evident. The inner changes in the collective consciousness have since produced results which a few short years ago we would have thought needed a succession in major miracles.

A second message specifically to Fountain will fittingly end this part of our story. Printed in the magazine (No.28), these are his words.” Those involved in Fountain work must begin to develop a wider concept of the significance of the work they are doing.” Speaking of other changes to come, he continues, “Those changes are, briefly, a fundamental change in vibration. There will not only be a change in one’s own environment, but also in terms of one’s interconnectedness with everyone else’s. Think, for example, of the consequences which you are already beginning to see in man’s interconnectedness with the animal kingdom. That is a change which comes about in one’s emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual awareness. There will be dramatic changes in economy. The same with attitudes to the human race. For example, the whole concept of military intervention has to be re-examined and that has huge consequences in terms of the economy, unemployment, etc. These are all symptoms of change in the vibrational level. You are going to have a really practical consequence of the change which takes place on this very fine subtle level”. Few of us would deny that such changes are occurring at an ever increasing rate


This is a story that has no ending unless the circumstances which necessitate our Fountain work should change beyond recognition. For the past two and a half years, Colin has been engaged in full-time healing in Barcelona about which he keeps us informed inhis own inimitable way! I think we could fittingly and usefully end these pages with his comments on finding that the top chakra to be revealed (the 16th) is symbolised by the chalice or the Grail. These are his words at the 1993 Conference: “In this symbol of the chalice, we may have the truth about the whole Grail quest. Alexander Neklessa, who works with the Russian Academy of Sciences, talked as a scientist about this mutation which he referred to as more important than Neanderthal to Homo Sapiens. Maybe the Grail is the revolution/evolution/mutation in the consciousness of the human species. If we are to call things by names, let us call this mutation – Homo Amans, Loving Man – because it seems to me that you can’t love without having the highest degree of consciousness and you can’t have the highest degree of consciousness without loving. They are the same thing. This mutation is inevitably related to this particular time because of the plan that is written in the stars. Bu the change needs our help, as well as some sort of divine intervention. We can all help as part of this silent revolution. Within this mutation is the new function of healing.” Which is what Fountain is all about!

Colin Bloy