This is a call to all the people working with the “Fountain Concept”.

As you may be aware, I do not have an updated version, of  listed people working with the concept in their own locality.  To remedy this situation, I would be grateful if people could get in touch through the Editor’s button.

Let me know which city/town/village, and the focal point you are working with, and what time the energies are being sent out?  If you are working on your own, or within a group?  Are you open to others working with you, wish to work alone or in a closed group.

I am also interested in hearing about projects, news and experiences from people, which can be included in the blog or the magazine. (The next deadline is 21st December.)

We are all of value, let us come together, and work towards the New World in which we wish to live.  To take active part in love is the only way forward.

Pure Love

Suzanne Thomas


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