The Heart and Thought website, is the sister to Fountain International Magazine website. It carries on the tradition of “community healing.” It has an active free monthly Newsletter, and can be subscribed to from the site. Further information held.
World Healing Project. Healing the world through yoga, meditation, music, events and a philosophy to bring wellbeing in to the lives of adults and children .
A global network of people and groups in far-flung places who share a commitment to positive world change. (also on Facebook)

A global community healing project based on the Fountain Concept, focusing healing energy to the landscape, places, people, animals, and all forms of life via thousands of focal points throughout the world.

Visit our website to see what we do, and join our Facebook group and take part in our regular healing nanosecond on the 27th of every month at 7 pm, whatever time zone you happen to be in.

The Healing Foundation. A membership, training and referral organisation for Spiritual Healing

We are a nationwide organisation and we pride ourselves on giving a personal service to our Healer Members. All training meets the National Occupational Standard for healing and we keep up-to-date with developments in the world of healing. If you require healing we can put you in touch with a THF Healer in your area.

Ufology Web is designed to be a repository of online courses for UFO studies and related subjects.  A study of Ufology follows a path littered with the mines and tripwires of misinformation, disinformation, and outright fantasy.  We aim to chart a course that will save time and inspire further research.
Geomancy explores the realm where human consciousness meets and dialogues with the Spirit of the Earth. – an online source for personal transformation, spiritual growth, metaphysics, and natural health.
Events, conferences, workshops, news, fact sheets and membership information.

Connecting us with the lost knowledge of the landscape.  The Society exists as a forum for all opinions.
For those interested in psychic development, astrology, etc.

Astrology consultancy to help you get the most from life, reading or consultation.  Sessions are friendly, confidential and recorded for you to keep.
Earth Spirit Initiative, a Project of Spectrum: Arts & Education for Peace, provides educational events that bring together people working at the cutting-edge of research in both ancient and modern mysteries, exploring the various frontiers of true human potential and advocating new relationships with the Earth and YOU!
Annual conference dealing with megaliths, lost civilisations and earth mysteries. Includes gallery, information about speakers, DVDs of their talks for sale.

Positive News is a solution focussed newspaper, reporting on people and initiatives that are creating a sustainable, equitable, healthy and fulfilling world.