Invitation from Spanish Fountain International Group


From Helena Zapke Rodriguez



I would like to introduce our group.  It was founded in 2000, and is called the Group Earth Centre.  We were honoured to have as a guest, Colin Bloy on our opening day.  Unfortunately I was unable to meet him in the flesh, as I did not join the group until 2003.

The permanent working group is made up of six people: Olvido, our master, or guide, myself and four other colleagues.  Before we met we all had our own concerns and interests.  For myself, I have practiced yoga and Tai Chi for many years.  The other members of the group had their own interests such as; Naturopathy, Alternative Medicine Therapies, etc.  As you can see all these practices are related to each other, or at least in some way linked to subtle energies.

Healing by the use of Archetypes, (developed by Colin Bloy,) brought us together.  We started meeting two days a week, in order to practice individual healing.  Later more people came and we worked with Collective Earth Healing.  Besides the working group, each of us practice individual healing, on a one to one basis, or through distant healing, both at home, and in the Group Earth Centre.

We faithfully recall Colin Bloy and work with his knowledge.  In our group we only practice Spiritual Healing by Archetypes.  Olivido
is our Master/Guide in our spiritual work. She was personally taught by Colin Bloy.  At present we only teach healing at the Centre.

We remember the Fountain in Brighton each and every day, as we meet and work together.  There is even a picture of the Fountain, in the Old Steine, in the salon of the Centre.  Although we do have our own focal point in our city, the so called Golden Fountain, which is located in the centre of the city, where many people pass by, day and night.

Whilst we practice individual and collective healings every day, we discover new variants and nuances, as a reflection of God’s infinite
manifestations.  For example, we are very pleased to see that lately, the labyrinth of consciousness of many people is developing a lot.

The group is very interested in keeping in active contact with other Fountain International Groups.  To swap experiences and data that we have

obtained during our practices.


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