Focal Points


Sorry, not one of my finest picture, but this is a picture of the focal point for Torquay Fountain Group.  As I carry on from my last blog.  When we were going through the process of putting the Fountain concept into practice in Torquay, as a group we had to decide a focal point for the energies to be sent to, and to be sent out from.

The first focal point used was “The Old Steine” in Brighton, part of the thinking behind it, included that it was on a busy road in the centre of Brighton, through which a lot of traffic had to pass, (hence reaching a lot of the community and visitors as they passed.)  The Old Steine at one point, had been an ancient stone circle, before the arrival of the present fountain, (in which some of the old stones had been used at the base.)  So hence it had been an energy point on the old energy system.  Over the years, through the lack of use, the energies had greatly diminished at this site.  But once the Brighton Fountain Group started to work with it, the energies increased greatly, and became more vital. 

Colin Bloy told us that the focal point did not have to be an ancient sacred site, what was important, is the fact that it had to be something that everyone in the group knew well, so that they could visualise it strongly when sending energy.  Even if the point was not linked into the energy system, by working with it, it would soon link in. 

For the Torquay group it was decided that the Mallock Clock Tower would be the focal point, as everyone in the group knew it well.  It was in the heart of the seafront area, surrounded by many of Torquay’s nightclubs, where there was a lot of trouble, especially on a Saturday night.

As with the Brighton group, we did a before and after we started “fountain work,” dowse of the clock tower.  When we dowsed the site, we gave much amusement, and interest to the passing traffic, and the hotel that was by the tower.  At the beginning it wasn’t linked in to the energy system of Torquay, but as Colin had predicted, it soon keyed in once we started.  Through the local newspaper, we kept an eye on the situation in the area.

So the main things to remember when picking a focal point to work with if you are working alone or in a group.  1) Is to pick something easy to visualise, (sometimes a photo can be helpful. 2) That it is a central feature for the community.  3) If working within a group you can send energy to your focal point with the proviso that it all goes out at the same time.  Thereby greatly multiplying the effect.


Everyone can have a part to play in clearing up their own backyard or community, which will lead to the healing of the earth.  All that is required is a will to do the “work.”  To send Love, Light and energy to the focal points, with no judgement or ego, is a powerful thing that anyone can do. 

As always if you have any questions, please get in touch with me through the website.

Or let us know how you are getting on. 

If you can dowse your results, that is great, but it is certainly not a requirement.





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