The Old Steine Fountain, Brighton

Brighton and Hove Council have recommissioned the Old Steine Fountain in Brighton. This is the site of the first Fountain International experiment in Community Healing in 1981. I am informed that our plaque is still on the side of the Fountain.
They aim to have a short opening ceremony on 6th May 2023, and would welcome any Fountain International members to attend.
Will let you know when I have a time for the ceremony.
Also I would like to instigate a Pure Light meditation for the start of the ceremony on 6th May, for anyone to actively link in.

 Fountain International

29th September 2021

 40th Anniversary of Fountain International

(Recordings of the Lectures and Meditation at the bottom of the page.)

40th Anniversary of Fountain International

The first talk is from (Suzanne Thomas),  giving a quick view of Fountain International, and how we can all put the Fountain concept to work in our own communities.

The third talk is from Richard Creightmore. Colin Bloy was his mentor in dowsing.

Richard’s talk is about Geopathic Stress and Earth Acupuncture – geopathic stress in the home and landscape: signs, symptoms, causes and cures.

Richard is a water diviner, geomancer and healer of forty years’ experience, and the author of ‘Feng Shui – Secrets of Chinese Geomancy’ (Wooden Books 2011).

The second speaker is Macarena Miletich, taught Archetypal Healing  by Colin Bloy. She is a healer, writer, instructor and specialist in Vocal Techniques and Therapeutic Sound.  Offers healing consultations and teaches Archetypal Healing Courses.

The title of her lecture is – Archetypes, Healing, in the 21st Century

Will include: Healing, define the concept from our current perspective. The inner connection and ethics. The purpose of healing in evolutionary terms. Dimensional work together for Humankind and our Planet.

The second part of the Anniversary celebrations took place on Wednesday the 29th September at 8.30pm GMT (Summer Time). Which is the exact date and time that the Official Brighton Experiment Meditation took place.  In this zoom link up the Gaia Meditation (originally channeled by Colin Bloy,) will be performed, for those who wish to take part. The Meditation will roughly take about half an hour. It is a deep meditation and not to be taken lightly

  1. Suzanne Thomas – Fountain International  2. Macarena Miletich – Archetypes, Healing in the 21st Century 3.Richard Creightmore – Geopathic Stress and Earth Acupuncture 4. Gaia Meditation