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New Reprint of “I’m just going down the pub to do a few miracles,” by Colin Bloy, paperback £12.00. Available from Lulu or Amazon.

The reprint is now available from Lulu and Amazon. It is a faithful copy and amalgamation of the first and second print of this book, and charts Colin’s discoveries, which lead to a rational way of spiritual healing.

If you ever wanted a straight forward, down to earth guide to becoming a healer, then this is it.

Includes; Nature of Disease, Giving Vital Energy, Healing with Archetypes, The New Chakras, Healing by Radio, The Labyrinths of Consciousness.

“Healers today have the obligation to prevent illness, at all levels, illness being a departure from harmony, indirect or direct. We are all healers. We can all go down to the pub and do a few miracles.” Colin Bloy.

Who’d Have Thought It – By Colin Bloy and Suzanne Thomas

Available from Amazon Kindle £1.99

In paperback from Lulu or Amazon at £12.99

In these times of change and chaos, it is easy to feel powerless, and unable to make a difference to events in your community, and the world. Within the pages of this book you will find that this is not the case. Fountain International, is a world-wide, free community healing project, based on the simple notion that communities, like people, suffer from dis-ease, and may be healed. You will learn how this can be done, in a very simple way. You will also read about how Fountain International developed through the work of Colin Bloy and friends, such as Michael Bentine of Goons fame. Colin’s research began with afternoon tea, at a friend’s house. This took him on a journey around the world. In a real life Da Vinci Code-type of experience. Suzanne Thomas’s beginnings were equally insignificant yet became part of this global phenomenon. Since the concept is open to ALL, whatever your circumstances colour, religion or politics you can also discover how to make a difference to the world. And perhaps like Colin Bloy and Suzanne Thomas, you will, one day, sit down and think, well who’d have thought it.

Welcome to Fountain International.

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Fountain International 

Booklet Two

Pathways of Consciousness


(All articles by Colin Bloy.)

Leylines – Pathways of Collective Consciousness.

Pathways of Consciousness.

Some further observation on leyline analysis and recent changes in the system before and after

Harmonic Convergence.

Beyond the Five Senses.

Some thoughts on European Leylines and Oriental Dragon Lines.

Introduction – Fountain International

This is the first revised booklet from the archive of Fountain International.  As an Introduction, it is a free download.  Please feel free to share with friends etc.  Any questions re Fountain International please contact me through the Editor’s Button.

Contents include:

1) What is Fountain International.

2) The Brighton Experiment.

3) Community Healing.

4) A type of Fountain International Meditation.

5) If the earth was only a few feet in diameter.

6) Geomancy as seen from Fountain International.

7) A short introduction to dowsing.

8) A few moments of your time.

A reprint from the Fountain International Archive by Colin Bloy, edited by Chris Street, available from Lulu.

This is a reprint, of  a Fountain International booklet, with full permission.  The republishing, has been wonderfully done by Chris Street.

Colin Bloy was a forerunner in his field, and even today, he stands ahead in his field. Therefore, it was felt time to republish some of his writings, for insights into his world and knowledge. We hope to perhaps excite people, to carry on his work, and to develop it further and expand the knowledge.
The one of the things that I love about Colin Bloy, and indeed Fountain International, is that the vast majority of members are very “down to earth”, practical people, with great spirit.

Here at the magazine, we will be happy to hear of people working within this field, and those linked to Fountain International’s sphere of interest. We would love to share knowledge with those reading the magazine, and get that ball of inspiration and creativity moving.

If you wish to obtain a copy of this booklet, it can be obtained through Either in paperback, or a downloaded e book. The cost of the hardcopy version is £4.99 + P & P

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