Lee Harris via Indigo Rainbow Newsletter – Judy Sharp


This year will be strong, bright and full of clarity energy, with lots of forward momentum. A new level of optimism and innovation.

2020 – 2024 being a time when people will do things in very new ways both as individuals and as a collective. This follows on from the last four year phase, which brought to the surface a lot of “stuff” that needed to be cleared out and changed. Collaboration and co-operation will be more to the fore than competition and conflict.

Hollow Energetics where you may feel discombobulated, you can’t scratch an itch… he says perhaps you can’t feel gravity or the ground; you can’t seem to access those higher levels. You are being pulled into a very centred spot which is the jumping off point for transformation. This is where you feel that nothing is happening, or everything has stopped. It is in fact the cocoon stage before you emerge as a higher energetic being, with more psychic strength to understand and process and sensibly use the information and messages that come in from those higher levels and dimensions.

Everything is coming together. December starts a 12 month phase of upshift, of recognizing and pulling together everything to live our lives in accordance with our true purpose. The right places, the right people, the right projects, these will now all start to fall into place, allowing you to fulfill your potential.