Colin Bloy’s Articles

There has always been a great interest in Colin Bloy’s writings and research. On this page my aim is to update regularly, all of Colin’s writings held by the Fountain International Archive. Plus, some of the other inspiring reads from other authors from the hardcopy Fountain International Magazine. (Of course, all the e-zine’s of Fountain International are already held on this site, with some of Colin’s articles and can be downloaded.)

We start with articles written in the 1980’s, and it appears only now that others are catching up, to what Colin was talking about many years ago!

We hope that on reading the information held below you will feel inspired, and wanting to take action.

Now you will have to bear with me, that these are pre-digital, so a lot of typing will need to be done.

Suzanne Thomas

Great articles from the hardcopy The Fountain and Fountain International Magazine in date order. Enjoy.

Magazine archive From Spring 89  Click on bar to download

Magazine Archive Summer 1989 

Fountain Magazine Archive AutumnWinter 89

Fountain International Magazine Spring 1990

Fountain Internamtional Magazine Summer 1990

Fountain International Magazine Autumn 1990

Fountain International Magazine Winter 1990

Fountain International Magazine 1991