A selection of feedback on the 21st March 2020 Event

Some of the messages and experiences received after the event

Ali Denham

Oh, I began the meditation at 3.25 pm, (in a wood in Devon,) wondering where it was going to go! I visualised the “fountain” to send love, light and healing to. By about 3.35 the fountain was partially obscured by bright white light, and by 3.50 the fountain was completely concealed in a vast cloud of white light, flecked with pink (love) and green (healing), that I hope I was transmitting from my heart centre. It was wonderful. Thanks for organising. X

Joe Hoare

Great event, congrats. Xxx

Simon L Price

Yes, have been beaming in from near Glastonbury, even though I am isolating myself, I also remember the first experiment.

Felicity Tanous

The meditation was amazing.

The photo of the fountain, including the plaque, was in front of me on the computer screen at 3.20pm.   I was prompted to fetch my pendulum and when I asked if there were friends gathered at the fountain, the pendulum said ‘yes’ and whizzed round and round so fast I almost dropped it.   I have never experienced such a strong and rapid response.  I have been in gatherings at the Fountain in past years, so it was very moving.

The meditation was extremely powerful. At 4pm after it finished I again asked the pendulum : ‘Are the friends still gathered at the fountain?’  The pendulum reacted with tremendous speed in just the same way – incredible (not really!).

Colin Kay

Well done Suzanne and all involved. It was a mega event and I look forward to hearing Richard’s ‘before and after’ dowsing findings.

Caroline Sherwood

Finished 3-day Equinox retreat this morning, so in good shape to participate and able to weave some of the energies gleaned on retreat into the Fountain intention.

Started sitting at 15:00. Saw four people equally spaced on chairs around the Old Steine (!), and around them reaching out quite widely many others, interconnected through a network/light grid.

A tall being appeared by the Old Steine – appeared to be the Deva of Brighton and happy (actually quite excited) we were gathering. Later, smaller winged beings fluttered in and out; carrying the energy we were focusing off into different directions to accomplish specific tasks in the locality.

The energy was warm and golden at my heart, and I experienced myself as a sort of ‘tube Taurus’/inverted fountain with the energy flowing towards the Old Steine through my breath and fingertips.

Soon, the Old Steine became a fountain of sparkling golden light (like fine spray from a garden hose, but metallically bright in quality), with a wide arc – distributing out for a considerable distance and touching places and people.

Then, a mirror network of ‘roots’ (as though the Old Steine had become a tree) spread deep and wide into the ground below and around the fountain.

At one point I had the sense that the collective knowledge, wisdom and calm embodied by the group about Covid-19 was also being fed into the grid in and around Brighton.

After a while, it seemed to be just happening on its own, so I sat back whilst attempting to remain present. After a final short burst, I finished sitting just after 15:30.

Ann McGurk

Thank you so much for organising this. It was a very powerful experience. The energy was so strong I felt pinned to the sofa and I saw the brightest gold and pink light – it was wonderful.

I am so glad that Fountain is growing and flowing again.




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