A Free Tool to Heal Your Community, and Ultimately the Earth

Colin Bloy

Last weekend I went to Glastonbury for the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Conference.  It was a very high energy event, and if you are interested in Essences, you’ll be in heaven.  (If you want to find out more about this association, details can be found on their website BFVEA.)

There are two little snippets from the Conference that I would like to share with you.  The first is an idea floated by Ann Callaghan of Indigo Essences, which you may wish to try.  It’s a method of how to use an essence or essences in the home or work place.  Using a crystal bowl, and pure water, (perhaps collected rain water,) and add the desired essences, to aid the people or energies within the home or place of work.  (It could be a family activity, which also includes the children picking essences and taking part. )

During the week, after my trip I was drawn to use the Chalice Well Essence – Heart of the Well.  This was made on one of their Companion Days, when the Companions surrounded the Vesica Pisces sending love.  I can honestly say that after using this bowl method and essence, I am a lot calmer, and balanced.  This is no small feat with the Conference looming, and the gathering for the next magazine out in June!

The second thing to resonate strongly with me during the Conference, was something mentioned in passing by a Brazilian lady Rosana Souta, on her talk about updating Dr Bach. It was said that in his field of developing flower essences, that he had given the general public a free way of healing emotional dis-eases.  Now this got me thinking, with regard to Colin Bloy, and the group of people that he worked with.  Through research, value proofing ideas and forward thinking, the Fountain International concept was born.  This too is a free healing tool, open to all no matter what your colour, religion, political persuasion, whether you are able bodied or not.   Like people, places get dis-eased, and it adheres to the backyard principle.  With people using the concept to heal their own communites. As each community sets about using the concept in their area.  It can be seen like a drop of water hitting water below, and ripples radiate out.  Now if enough drops of water fall, the radiating rings begin to go into each other, and in this way the healing of the earth may happen.

If you would like to find out more about the concept, and how to put it into use in your community.  Please take a look at the archived first issue of the magazine on this website, or visit the fountain international.co.uk website, using the Fountain logo button on the home page.  Any questions, I am only too happy to answer.  Please get in touch through the editor e mail address.

2012 is a year of possiblities, and constrictions loosen.  When we have the great opportunity to bring change to the world that we live in.

The time has come to awaken.  Don’t be a couch potato, everyone has a valuable part to play.

Just Do it.



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